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In times of challenge or opportunity, we are your partner in creating extraordinary results!

Creating Excellence Since 2006


Today's business challenges demand that you continuously improve your People, your Processes and your Products. At Value Stream Solutions Inc, our focus on our own 3P's (People Process and Product) will guide you in identifying business waste and opportunities for improvement using the principles of Lean Enterprise Thinking.



Workshops that are useful and practical can be hard to find.  That's why we develop our workshops to deliver the necessary content, engage the participants, apply the techniques and practice on case studies or live applications where possible.



Our clients cover nearly all industries, sectors and sizes.  Most fall into the manufacturing realm however more and more we are seeing services, engineering, health care, government, administration and not for profit companies looking to boost their productivity and capabilities.



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Since forming in 2006, Value Stream Solutions Inc specializes in developing Lean leaders and implementing Lean transformations for SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises).  We are experienced Lean thinkers who have learned, practiced, implemented and coached lean thinking to thousands of people in hundreds of companies in nearly every industry.


Value Stream Solutions Inc.

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Ramara, ON L3V 0S1

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Our expertise comes from years of experience, great materials and use of inexpensive and useful gear.  We only recommend items we use and have good experience with.  Full disclosure:  We do receive a small referral amount for products purchased via the links provided.

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